S.C.T. Medium Wooden Cabbage Shredder

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We are proud to be the Canadian supplier of the large wooden cabbage shredder made exclusively by Stone Creek trading.

This medium sized and sturdy shredder will help make a large volume of sauerkraut to ferment or cabbage slaw for a big party! The size of this allows for the ability to produce a large volume of shredded vegetables. Consider this size of shredder when you have a 10 liter crock to fill or multiple fermenting vessels.

You must seal this item with a food grade cutting board oil or wax in order to prevent cracking. This is raw wood and it will crack from moisture and salt if not sealed prior to first use.

Caron & Doucet-8 oz Cutting Board Oil 100% Natural

Caron & Doucet-Cutting Board Wax 100% Natural

For sales outside of Canada, please contact WWW.STONECREEKTRADING.COM thank you!

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